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Election Cycle Blues

I am so freaking tired of this election. I’ve honestly been tired since this time last year, but now I really just want the GOP candidate to go away. I have always thought he was useless garbage not worth paying attention to, and I am so mad that his racist xenophobic conspiracy theory believing base has forced us all to pay attention to him for more than a year. 

That’s actually not the point of this post, misleading title aside. I was on Twitter earlier, following my radical lefty people, and I saw a story about two prisoners who died in the prison strike going on right now. This is big freaking news. This strike has been going for over a month, and people are dying. And it doesn’t appear to be big news in the mainstream. 

I’m not super familiar with mainstream media anymore. I don’t have a newspaper subscription, and I don’t watch cable news, mainly because we do not get tv channels in my apartment, not because I think I’m better than you. So I decided to check whether this story is actually being covered. 

I did a google search just for the words “prison strike” and then I clicked the news tab, just to be fair. 

First three results were from:

1. The Week Magazine

2. RT (Russian state tv’s U.S. news page)

3. Buzzfeed News 

Lower on the list were Vice News, the Florida Times, and The New Yorker.

So, not totally obscure publications, but not major mainstream sites either. But if you search Washington Post, they put some election based article above the main homepage in the Google results. 

I can’t help but think the election is distracting us from the real news. 

Right now, the residents of Flint Michigan are still suffering from poisoned water. 

Right now, the Standing Rock Sioux and their fellow water protectors are in a standoff with corporations for the safety of our environment. 

And people are killed by police every day in those country. 

Why can’t we get the media to focus on any of that?

Now, I’m not saying the election isn’t important. We are choosing the leader of the United States, an that has ripple effects on the whole world. I’m not saying that as a nationalist, I’m stating it as fact. But the spectacle, the years long parade of ridiculous people building a media personality and invading our homes through the nightly news every single day, that surely isn’t good for Democracy. 

I don’t know how to fix it. 

I just know that paying attention to the real issues is more important than obsessing over a few polling points (unless it’s your job to look at the stats). The work to fix our country will go on no matter who wins. I can’t wait for this election to be over, and I hope they start focusing on the issues of today, rather than just say, “Well, let’s see what will happen in 2020.” 

Let’s refocus, please.