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Exercise for People Who Hate Exercise – The Struggle

Me: I feel self-conscious. I will teach myself some dance moves so I can work out at home where no one can see, and I can move my body without having to think of it as “exercise” which I have a lifelong aversion to.
Me, later: How is she moving her legs? How is she doing that fluid motion? I’m watching her feet, I’m watching her knees, I’m watching her hip, and I still can’t do it! I look foolish and terrible!
Boyfriend: Why don’t you try watching the video at half speed? It’s just like learning to play piano…
Me: I never learned to play piano, or any instrument!
Boyfriend: I know, but when you learn to play piano, you start slow, only doing one hand at a time, and repeating until you don’t make mistakes, and once you learn that THEN you increase the tempo and then you add in the other hand.
Me: Ok, I will play video at half speed.
Me: *watches video at half speed*
Me: Oh, she squats, then points left foot inward while popping left hip, squats, then points right foot inward while popping right hip. That’s how she moves from one hip to the other with ease.