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Who Actually Hates Housewives

Listening to the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You in their coverage of the life of Phyllis Schlafly has got me thinking. Cristen and Caroline have been pointing out Schlafly’s hypocrisy and her denial of it, especially in her takedown of the idea that she was against women having careers. She claimed she never told women they should be housewives, she just didn’t think we needed a Constitutional protection for women. 

Ok, Phyllis, you’ve got an eternity to learn now, hopefully your spirit will transcend your earthly blind spots. 

Anyway, Schlafly and her ilk often claimed that feminists wanted to devalue housework and women who choose to be housewives. That’s a conservative rallying cry, has been for decades. 

But here’s my thought. Throughout my life, it’s always been feminists who taught me that there is no shame in taking care of a family and keeping things clean. That’s not where I learned my disdain for that lifestyle. 

But if not feminists, Kylie, then who? Get ready for this: PATRIARCHY.

Yes, the patriarchy. The system that says women just need to run their husbands’ homes and take care of children. 

But Kylie, conservatives love and honor the women who take care of their homes, how did you figure that they hate housewives?

Because, if you teach your sons that doing housework is beneath them, you necessarily teach them that whoever is doing it is the bitch of the family. To be clear, I mean “bitch” as in “to make (someone) your bitch.” 

From the patriarchal society around me, I learned that people who don’t work outside the home are lesser people whose dreams and aspirations matter less than the man they are married to, or the children they bear. 

They can make all the noise they want about honoring women, but we all know the truth. They ain’t doing that shit, so it falls to you, bitch. 

Feminists are the ones who say, “look, the dishes need to be done, and there is honor in doing them, whether you have a penis or a vagina or something else.” 

So can we stop with this whole “feminists are the real oppressors” bit? No? 

Ah well, the struggle continues. 

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Men Don’t Care If…

Apologies for the long delay in posting, some real life got in the way, but now that things are looking up, I wanted to return to writing.

So, without further ado…

I was on Twitter just now, and came across one of those generic “10 Things Men Don’t Care About” articles, which dating advice advocates love to tout. It involved such gems as: We don’t care if you wear makeup, or we don’t care if you don’t look perfect, or we don’t care if you drink, what you eat, etc.

I suppose there are people who need these messages, either because they are surrounded by a culture where men do degrade women for not eating daintily or for daring not to wear concealer over their faces.

But I always feel that these articles are missing the point.

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